Shannon Stuckenberg is the CEO and Board Chairman at Genesis Systems LLC.

Mrs. Shannon B. Stuckenberg

CEO & Board Chairman

She studied design and teaching at the University of Southern Missouri and Crowder College where she graduated with highest honors. Shannon has distinguished herself as an accomplished leader, organizer, and manager with a 17 year track record leading government organizations and NGOs.

During her time with the U.S. Department of Interior, she received a top award from for creating benchmarked national conservation programs. Further, during her NGO work in some of the poorest nations on earth, Shannon developed and applied expertise on water and food sustainability and human sustainment requirements in the most challenging environments on the globe.

Shannon frequently advises the U.S. government agencies and global governments on water related infrastructure and business strategies. She is the first female CEO in the world to lead a technology company that creates mass water. Shannon and her husband have five children.

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