Genesis Systems is Solving Water Scarcity!

By Transforming Surrounding Air Into Fresh Drinking Water.

The WaterCube® (WC-100) System

The WaterCube® (WC-100) system is designed, to extract fresh water directly from the air. It’s an eco-friendly solution that avoids pollution, problematic by-products, and can utilize renewable energy such as solar or conventional sources.


Whether you’re looking for an off-grid solution or a portable power source, this system offers both automation and sustainability. It can deliver pure water on demand or operate continuously for 24-hour operation. 


The WaterCube® (WC-100) model is perfect for homes with up to four residents, and for bigger households you can simply combine WC-100 units for greater water output.

Why WaterCube?

WaterCube® is the sustainable answer to water scarcity. In fact, neighborhoods in the future may include WaterCubes for each household and virtually eliminate the need for municipal water systems.


If you need off-grid independence or a portable water source, consider this automated system for your pure potable water.


Water quality complies with US, NSF, and international water quality standards. Ensures safe and clean water consumption, meeting rigorous national and international benchmarks, giving users peace of mind about the purity and safety of their water source.


Operates in humidity ranges of >40-100% and ideal climate temperatures of >59 degrees F.


Our system is equipped with a 0.01 micrometers changeable water filter, UV water treatment, Merv 13 Air Filter


100*+ gallons of pure water per day. *Based on 80 Degrees Fahrenheit and 60% Relative Humidity

Interested In The WaterCube®?

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We Are Powered by AWS

Experience the Future with AWS: At the core of our WaterCube 100 model lies the strength of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Every server supporting our innovative technology is proudly hosted by AWS, ensuring unmatched reliability and performance. Our dedication to excellence is seamlessly woven into the fabric of AWS’s scalable and secure infrastructure, making the WaterCube 100 a remarkable system for sustainable water solutions.  It is Encrypted & loT enabled, has remote monitoring, auto fault detection, built-in auto safeties, and auto performance optimization.


For more information: Clean Energy Accelerator 2.0 – AWS for Industries – AWS (


At Genesis, we have conceptualized and developed a portfolio of patent-pending technologies that will revolutionize several life-sustaining commodities.


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The WaterCube® employs innovative technology to extract fresh water directly from the air. It uses fans to bring air in and then a proprietary process to remove the water from the air, filter it and deliver pure, potable water.

Absolutely. Whether you’re seeking an off-grid water solution for remote locations or a portable water source for various applications, the WaterCube® is designed to meet your needs. The system is both automated and sustainable, capable of delivering pure water instantly or operating continuously for 24 hours.

The WaterCube® (WC-100) is perfect for homes with up to four residents. Additionally, for larger households, the system is easily scalable by combining multiple units, allowing for greater water output. This scalability makes the WaterCube® a versatile and sustainable solution for varying water demands.

WaterCube® not only provides access to clean water but also plays a crucial role in promoting a greener and more sustainable future. By generating water from the air, there is no stress on other existing water resources such as aquifers and reservoirs.

Unlike traditional water sources and purification methods, the WaterCube® stands out as a cutting-edge solution. It harnesses fresh water directly from the air, bypassing the need for external water supplies. This innovative approach avoids pollution, problematic by-products, and eliminates water rights complications. The system’s automated functionality and scalability make it a versatile and sustainable choice for a variety of applications, offering a forward-thinking alternative to conventional water sourcing and purification methods.