Posted:June 13, 2023

Genesis Systems selected as one of 33 global startups for AWS’ Energy & Climate Lab

TAMPA – Genesis Systems LLC is honored to be one of 33 global startups selected to join Amazon Web Services’ Energy & Climate Lab that runs from June - September, which according to AWS is “a technology and collaboration initiation module that advances startups' preparedness to drive customer trial capability, investment competitiveness, digital maturity and engagement with industry networks.”

This nomination positions Genesis as one of more than 500 companies from 64 nations rapidly advancing technological solutions to correct, mitigate and prevent climate-related issues such as air and water pollution, desertification and water scarcity.

As AWS’ Howard Gefen and Hassane Kassouf said, “Speed matters,” and Genesis, which has already been running for the past five years, looks forward to contributing, learning and collaborating with other AWS E&C Lab participants over the next 12 weeks and beyond to shape a future where clean, sustainable energy and water is available to all people of all nations."

“We are excited to be a part of this global cohort because it really highlights two things,” stated Shannon Stuckenberg, Genesis Systems' CEO. “First, it speaks to the magnitude of these climate issues that are a concern for everyone, everywhere, and how we need to keep breaking barriers that stifle and slow overdue solutions; and second, it shows that competition and collaboration within shared or similar marketplaces can in fact coexist and even enhance our ability to move faster, think smarter and do more good than we could have on our own.”

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