Our Mission

In a world being transformed by climatic challenges and increasing pressures on natural resources, we believe only technological innovation can provide lasting solutions that can revolutionize the way nations sustain growing populations in the face of fresh-water scarcity.

At Genesis, we have conceptualized and developed a portfolio of patent-pending technologies that will revolutionize several life-sustaining commodities. At Genesis, we plan to offer a product that will boldly transform the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of nations, while increasing economic, political and social stability where water is a constraining factor.

Development Drivers

  • Generating fresh-water from air using regionally abundant renewable energy sources
  • No pollution, hazardous bi-products, or copious water rights issues
  • Off-grid, automated, and sustainable
  • Industrially scalable technologies able to produce water and optimize its uses
  • Economic resilience, self-reliance, and political stability